Meet Dagmar a Minimalist and our book of the month from Human Library Estonia. “Our society is very focused on talking and not enough on listening,”
April 26, 2019/by admin
Human Library Book Depot Managers from New York City, Edinburgh, London, Kharkiv, Bucharest and Tallinn are in Copenhagen this week for their training.
April 17, 2019/by admin
A new partnership between the Human Library and Rødovre Centrum will allow shoppers in Denmark to grab a Human Book with them on their shopping trip.
March 16, 2019/by admin
The Human Library has received funding to develop an app that will challenge your prejudices and help you better navigate diversity fearlessly.
March 6, 2019/by admin
Being a Sex worker should not be a taboo says our Book of the Month, Nitin. Well-spoken and wise on life, he wants to help change people’s mentality.
March 4, 2019/by Lene Rimestad
Microsoft staff across India are invited to become readers of the Human Library as part of this years Confluence Conference activities.
March 1, 2019/by Ronni Abergel
Good news for our readers in Hamburg. Work has begun to build an book depot for the Human Library to serve schools, libraries, universities and workplaces.
February 5, 2019/by admin
"This is the first time I win something, where the prize is not a beating" said winner of the Human Library Book Award, Oskar Zytnik, in a moving speech on Saturday in Copenhagen.
January 28, 2019/by admin
On January 26th, the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards ceremony will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An evening to honor our books and librarians.
January 25, 2019/by admin
The Human Library has been approved as a not for profit by the Danish Tax Authorities. This will enable us to reinforce our efforts.
January 15, 2019/by admin
The Human Library has agreed to facilitate a series of D&I events for eBay staff in four european countries. Launching in the UK on February 26th.
January 10, 2019/by admin
For Syrine, sharing her story with her readers is a way for her to accept her condition and to not feel alone. It helps her to see, that every human being has been through hardship and have experienced pain in some way or another.
December 30, 2018/by Anne-Mette Oesterbye
The city of Aarhus supports the creation of a new Human Library Book Depot in the city of smiles. Making it clear they want to encourage more dialogue.
December 21, 2018/by admin
Book of November is a highly relevant and inspirational story about the life as a Niqab wearing young woman living in Denmark.
November 21, 2018/by Anne-Mette Oesterbye
A month ago one of our books, Zak Kostopoulos, from the Human Library in Greece, was brutally murdered on the streets of Athens. This portrait to honor his memory and demand justice for Zak.
October 21, 2018/by André Lund Rømer
“Hate is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the less you know, the more you do not understand, and ninety-nine percent of hate is fueled by the unknown.” Meet Poppy Rose our book of the month for September.
October 13, 2018/by Anne-Mette Oesterbye
Introducing the Human Library for children. Few are more open than children, to ask questions and challenge what they think they know. Now is their chance.
October 12, 2018/by admin
With two new book depots for the Human Library set to open in Aarhus and Odense, we can serve readers across Denmark. We are finally nationwide at home.
October 5, 2018/by admin
September 1, 2018/by André Lund Rømer
The Human Library has received a donation from Roskilde Festival to help develop our work in Denmark.
August 17, 2018/by admin