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Hi there. My name is Ronni Abergel and the Human Library is my brainchild. I still dream of a world tolerant of differences and open to learn and take advantage of the knowledge understanding diversity gives us. So it is our goal to help ensure that The Human Library does its part to make this world a better place by offering a space for challenging stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. But we need your help. For the last 15 years we have worked to spread The Human Library to the world and today our non profit organization is present or in partnership with organizations and institutions in more than 70 countries.

The Human Library is free for readers, but it demands ressources to fill up our book depots with bestsellers, to train new local organizers, to properly prepare books for their publication, to market and communicat the events we offer and finally to bring the worldwide network of organizers and their books online in a global community.

So if you want to support a global movement for social change – consider us for a donation. Thank you. Ronni

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