The Human Library™ and Danish Broadcaster TV2 Lorry are proud to announce the first Human Library TV Show to ever air. Starting April 25th and six weeks onward viewers are invited to become readers of our very special bookshelf full of Bestsellers.

One book in each episode

Every week will feature a new publication that will invite viewers into a conversation about some of the most stigmatized groups in our communities. The running time of the show will be 28 minutes allowing for the book to properly display its content.  The Human Library™ appreciates the opportunity to reach thousands of viewers each week and hope those who will follow the show will find answers to some of their own questions.

Honest TV

The format has been developed in close corporation with TV2 Lorry to ensure as true a transfer of the concept as possible under the production conditions and we are very excited about the results and we have dubbed it “Honest TV”. No unneccessary dramatization, no need for sensationalizing as the truth is more than enough. Real people in honest and open conversations about challenging and often very personal and stigmatizing issues.

Free to viewers

The Human Library TV show will air every Tuesday at 9 pm and can also be streamed for free online on TV2 Lorry´s website. However the format is in Danish language only and there are no subtitles available (we apologise). The first season will include Bestsellers on being Autistic, Body Modified, Bipolar and more. Six topix for six weeks. You can watch the first episode online already using the link below:

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