“I do not view being Bipolar as a challenge, but rather as a condition for my life. Periodically I must take extra consideration to my health. For example, sleep is enormously essential for keeping my illness in check. If I do not sleep 8-10 hours every night , I will become ill

Why we published

This mental disorder is one that has very serious ramifications. The illness can cause extreme mood swings, radical behaviour and sometimes self inflicted harm or even suicide. Many people living with Bipolar Disorder consider withdrawing themself from social circles to avoid damaging relations.

Stereotypes & prejudices

People often think that I am mentally unstable or fragile. When in fact I am stronger than most and can withstand quite a lot. Some think being mentally ill means I ought to be hospitalized , strapped to a bed and under total surveillance. Did you ever try to torch something or start gambling when being manic is one question I get.


Bipolar people rate above average when it comes to intelligence.

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