My great challenge is to stay focused and to pay attention to the signals from others. Or else I risk getting out of sync with the social context. I think it is important to make my experiences available for those wanting to know and understand ADHD.


Convert “Before I became a muslim nobody asked me about my religion. But after I converted this is what everybody wanted to talk about”. WHY WE PUBLISHED A change of faith is not something that comes easy. It is something that often demands dedication and sincerity and it is interesting to better understand the motivation…


Being unemployed does nothing good for your self esteem. But when politicians start talking about us being lazy and not willing to work, then it gets my blood pumping. There is nothing I would not do to find a real job. But the least they can do is show us some respect and treat us with just a little dignity.


Some people think it is dangerous to be near or to touch me. Some people avoid me just to avoid being confronted with the disease. It think nothing bad about them, but it is part of the reason why I kept it a secret for many years. When people are afraid to get close to me, it hurts more than the disease ever did.