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Poster from the first Human Library in Slovenia in 2007.Ziva Knjiznica aka Human Library, Slovenia

The Human Library had its first Slovenian readers in May 2007. When a project partnership consisting of the Legebitra information center and the Slovene Philantropy organisation (a society for the promotion of volunteering) joined forces to stage a series of Human Library events over the summer.

The Ziva Knjiznica, as its dubbed in Slovenia, had a succesfull start and this encouraged the local organizers, spearheaded by coordinator Jasna Magic, to continue working with the Human Library methodology. The project is supported by a variety of organisations and institutions, among them the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana (SOU of Ljubljana). See the activities section of this website to find the next event in Slovenia.

Organizer details:

Logo of the Legebitra Information Center.Legebitra Information Center 

The Organisation Društvo informacijski center LEGEBITRA works to improve the attitude and position towards gay people on a variety of level and fields of life in Slovenia. By providing a safe space and relaying information to the public and its target groups, the organisation educates, informs and brings attention to matters of inequality within the Slovene society.

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Slovenska Fiantropija logoSlovene Philanthropy.

Society for the Promotion of Volunteering is a non-governmental organisation, established in 1992 with the aim to develop and propagate various forms of philanthropic activities in Slovenia. The basic mission of the Slovene Philanthropy is to encourage and promote volunteering and other philanthropic and solidarity activities in the social field.

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