Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Human Library at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States

After hosting their first event in the spring of 2012, Williams College are presenting a two day Human Library event starting on March 1st, 2013.

The local organizers want to bring the college and the wider community closer together and to facilitate a sharing of knowledge and experiences and they found it an extremely effective methodology for staging meaningful discussions on campus about otherness. More details on the book titles will follow later.

The Human Library at Williams College is funded by Williams College Gaudino Fund.

Event details:

Dates: March 1-2nd, 2013.

Open: 12 - 4 pm

Duration of loans: 15-20 minutes

Location: Williams College

Organizers: Williams College Library

Contact person: 

Address: 880 Main Street, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA