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What do readers say!Reader having fun in Budapest 2005

After each Human Library event there is an evaluation. Often readers are asked to fill in an evaluation form before leaving the Human Library, after taking out a book. The volunteer books are also asked to do evaluations as well as librarians and volunteer staff. This way we have managed to keep developing the methodology and found new ways of applying it to new forums. Below are some statements from reader evaluations submitted over the years.

Questions and answers from readers:

What was the most important part of your experience as a reader?

- Open-minded attitude
- Understanding and honesty of the books
- They brave to be themselves
- Straightforwardness of the books
- Being open to different opinions, bring down barriers
- Compare other people views on different subjects
- See the content between the lines
- Lose stereotypes
- Interesting topics
- Exiting interactions
- Mutual acceptance, respect and understanding
- Expand the world and bring the human nature closer to my soul
- Understand and accept what is different
- Refine and elaborate my opinion
- Directness
- See beyond the label
- Mutual discussion changed my opinion I’ve had for a long time
- Make friendship
- Personal contact
- I found out many interesting things I didn’t know before.
- Opportunity to meet confident people with strong points of view
- Very interesting talk to people whom I normally wouldn’t because of the stereotypes
- Personal experience and contact
- Cultural environment
- Instructive experience

Girl with refugee book on stairs.Quotes.

Female reader sitting with the Refugee book at a Human Library at a streetfestvial in Budapest, Hungary.

"The Human Library is a really nice way to talk about things, to get to know people, to get rid of prejudice, to make people more integrated into our society”

Words from readers

Some of the words used by readers to describe their experience in a Human Library:

Exciting, informative, educational, open, new, honest, engaging, touching, inspiring, giving, funny, liberating, useful, interesting, close, challenging, personal, innovative, super, admireable, fascinating, brave, couragous, insigthful, realistic and thought provoking. 

More Quotes (London readers, May 31, 2008)

David, age 39, says of the opportunity:

"Being able to say those things you´re usually scared to say and ask those questions you´re ususally afraid to ask" 

Aaron, age 27:

"Having a chance to talk properly and ask questions of people without seeming rude"

Tanis, age 33:

"Freedom to ask any questions without fear of judgement, even stupid questions" 

Hannah, age 26:

"Having an open mind, not being afraid to ask questions" 

Judith, age 65, a retired American living in the UK midlands:

"It makes a really great day!" 


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