Human Library - Take out a prejudice

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A new organizer in Washington state presenting their first program in May 2009. The first event happens on May 23rd and if the first event draws interest among library patrons and members of the local community, then the local organizers will continue to host events.

Building understanding in the community

We like to think of the public library as our community’s living room.  We think this program provides a great opportunity for community building and promoting understanding between members of the library’s diverse clientele. And we want to start engaging discussions between community members of different walks of life.  We want to provide a place where people can confront their own stereotypes and prejudices and where often-times marginalized voices can be heard in a safe environment, says Senior Librarian Sara Peté from Olymbia Timberland Library. 

Organizers details:

Organizer: Olymbia Timberland Library

Address: 313 8th Ave SE – Olympia, WA 98501 

Organizers: Timberland Regional Library, Olympia branch

Contact person: Sara Peté

Weblink: Timberland Regional Library