Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Human Library at San Diego County Library, Rancho Branch, California, USA

The city of El Cajon has a diverse community. In the Rancho San Diego section of El Cajon,

twenty per cent of the population (9340 people) are Hispanic, 5% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 

4% are African American, and 4% (1800) are Other (primarily Middle Eastern). The rest 

belong to the dominant population group. In addition, residents come from many faiths and 

backgrounds. In the San Diego region in general, 21.5% of the population are immigrants from 

various countries. There are 68 different languages spoken by these groups. Even “educated” 

people are often ignorant of or have many misunderstandings about their neighbors.

Among the book titles expected to be on loan:

Homeless; persons struggling with mental illness; Non-English speakers; overweight residents;

Hispanics/Latinos; African Americans; Persons struggling with drug or alcohol addiction; 

Middle Easterners, both Christians and Muslims; GLBTQIA; disabled and blind residents; 

undocumented immigrants; teenagers; religious affiliates (Jehovah’s witness, born-again 


As always the services of the Human Library are free to readers.


Event details:

Date: October 26th, 2013

Open: from 1 pm

Duration of loans: Up to 30 minutes

Location: Rancho Branch of the San Diego County Library

Organizers: San Diego County Library

Contact person: Brenna Ring

Address: 11555 Via Rancho San DiegoEl Cajon, California, USA