Book of the Month: July

We all have a story to tell. All over the world our amazing and brave books help challenge stereotypes and prejudice, by sharing their personal stories. We want to celebrate these incredible individuals and with our Book of the Month series we bring the spotlight on them. You as a reader gain an exclusive insight into one of our books, and get to know their story and work with the Human Library.

The Book of the Month for July is 61 year old, Steven Lawlor-Jones, from Windham, New Hampshire. Besides being a book at the Human Library, Steven works as an actor, model, artist and LGBT+ activist. His engagement in LGBT+ issues, is also a theme for his role as a book at the Human Library – were he is published with the title “15 minutes with Kurt’s Husband”. He has been a part of the Human Library since 2014, and have been published at Goffstown Public Library, University of New Hampshire, Manchester, once for Southern New Hampshire University, and once for Merrimack public library.

His title is a funny take on bringing focus on LGBT+ issues, by letting the readers gain insight into his own marriage – and pointing out, that his lifestyle is not different from most peoples:

I became a book to educate people on the struggles of the LGBT community and to show them that our marriage is as boring and mundane as theirs. That we have the same issues of work, household chores, cars and daily bills.”

Just as life is in constant change, so is Stevens story as a living book. New chapters are added and although the same theme – LGBT+ rights and his life – is ongoing, his focus has changed when talking with his readers:

My title stayed the same, while the focus of my chapters changed to encourage optimism, which is so badly needed in our current climate. Along my journey, i learned that i could do what i dreamed of as a child, which was to be a film actor and model. At the age of 54 i dove headlong into my dreams and i have been busy ever since. I am now a nominated and award winning actor, i am in magazine and photos that have been seen worldwide, all while i work a fulltime job in a warehouse for Life is Good.”

Believing in yourself

His engagement as a Human Book, has helped Steven become more self aware and believe that his goals and dreams are within his reach. He wants to share this with his readers and want them to know, that no matter who you are – you are valuable and you are capable of reaching your aspirations in life:

Being a book has helped me believe in myself and gave me the ability to share that confidence and support, so that readers can go for their goals and dreams.”

Steven explains that the two most important aspects of being part of the Human Library is the readers, and the other human books. He sees himself as blessed for having meet so many brave and inspiring human books, at every Human Library event. But especially the dialogue with the readers is a huge motivation for Steven:

The readers have been a light on my path, they are curious, questioning and thirsty for knowledge.”

With his experience in activism, art, theater and as a human book, Steven knows what it means to fight for what you believe in – and for your dreams! And he has but a single advice to readers, all over the world:

My best advice to my readers is, believe in you and others will also. “

Make sure to look out for Steven – and his inspirational take on life – in the media and online. And make sure to follow our facebook page, to get information on upcoming events in your local area – this way you can get to meet our fascinating and brave human books, and help challenge stereotypes and stigmatization, through their authentic and meaningful stories.

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