Book of the Month: August

Each of our human books, help challenge stereotypes and stigmatization, by sharing their personal story and enter dialogue, with the curious readers. Their effort helps promote understanding and diversity – all over the world!

With Book of the Month, we highlight these amazing individuals, by giving you an exclusive portrait of one of our bestsellers. The Book of the Month for August is one of our newer publications, but her brave story has already inspired and touched readers. Meet Yuzhakova Anna Mikhailovna, a 28-year-old living in Vologda city, Russia. She has been with the Human Library for 4 month and been published at 2 events. She is published with the title “Domestically Abused” and shares her story with readers, hoping to help others experiencing something similar.

Yuzhakova explains that the most common questions she gets from her readers are “why didn’t you leave your husband?”, “How to recognize abuse?” and “Can you still trust men?”. She recons that broadening the readers understanding, was the main reason for her involvement as a human book:

“Sharing my story is very important to me, as perhaps it may help someone to change his or her attitude towards abuse. The awareness of the issue is the key weapon here – which, unfortunately, I did not happen to possess for a long time.”

Furthermore, she explains that the meeting between readers and books, creates a unique space where inspiring dialogue is at the forefront. Being part of this, and the readers openness, are central incentives for her still being a part of the Human Library:

“As I said, sharing my story is important to me, and I also enjoy engaged dialogues in the kind and cheerful atmosphere that reigns in The Human Library.”

Openness & Curiosity

She points to the willingness to engage in open dialogue in a safe space, as the most valuable aspect of the Human Library. A dialogue that in its nature, can be an inspiration – for both the books and the readers – and create a greater understanding of other people, but even more so, of yourself. Yuzhakova says that the greatest feedback she can get from readers, is knowing that her story has changed their outlook on their own lives:

“When a feedback came from a Reader telling that my story became an eye-opener to her/his problem.”

Openness is essential for both the readers and the books, to create the best possible dialogue – especially when it comes to challenging the stereotypes we all, consciously or unconsciously, have:

“Opening your mind and extending the frontiers of stereotypes in your head – often the ones you don’t even have the slightest idea about – is essential, I think.”

As a final advice for readers – all over the world – Yuzhakova has a simple, but strong, advice:

“Raise more attentiveness and curiosity in yourselves.”

To know more about abuse, Yuzhakova recommends reading, Lundy Bancroft “Why does he do that?”, and Tanja Tank “Be afraid, I’m with you”. And make sure to stay aware of Human Library events in your local area, so you get the chance to meet inspiring and authentic stories that will give you a more reflective view of yourself.

To meet Yuzhakova (and many other inspiring human books), keep an eye on our Russian Human Library – through facebook: – or follow us on Facebook, to get notified about events all over the world!

Our amazing human books can’t wait the be read by you!