Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Our collection of prejudices and stereotypes in bookform.

Below is a list of some of the hundreds of different book titles, that have been presented over the years. And yet new books still surface at every new event. Have a careful look at the list and see if you recognize any from your country, city, neighbourhood. Some are universal and others are specific to the country of origin. We have not always been able to track where a book title was introduced first, what we call First Editions. The section is under constant updating and expansion. Not all books have been uploaded yet so come back for more popular stereotypes. 


Accountant, Anthropologist, Alcoholic, Asylum Seeker, Blonde Woman, Bureaukrat, Blind Person, Buddhist, Bodybuilder, Bald, Bisexual, Bulimic, Bureaucrat, Cancer Patient, Cannabis Smoker, Catholic Priest, Coach, Communist, Deaf, Dentist, Diabetic, Diplomat, Disabled, Drag Queen, Dyslexic, Environmental Activist, Ex-gang Member,  Feminist, Funeral Director, Gambler, Genius, Graffiti Artist, Hacker, Harley Davidson Owner, Hate Crime Victim, Hindu, Hip Hopper, Hippie, HIV Positive, Homeless,  Imam, Jew, Judge, Lawyer, Librarian, Male Nanny, Male Nurse, Manager, Mathematician, Mayor, Mental Health Difficulties, Meteorologist, Night Club Bouncer, Parking Attendant, Peacemaker, Prostitute, Philosopher, Police Officer, Plastic Surgeon, Psychic, Rabbi, Recording Artist, Redhead, Retired, Runaway Child, Security Guard, Sexual Psychologist, Sikh, Single Dad, Sky Diver, Stripper/ Go-Go Dancer, Terminally ill, Transgender, Unemployed, Witch, Workaholic, Zoologist.


Last updated 07/10/08.