Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Human Library at Oakland Community College, Waterford, Michigan, USALink to local organizers website in English

The local Human Library organizers at Oakland Community College are hosting their fourth annual event on campus, March 29th, 2012. Allison McFadden-Keesling is the Diversity Chair for the Highland Lakes Campus. She has been involved with the events since 2009:

- It was time consuming to orchestrate but worth every minute, says Allison of the benefits from staging a Human Library.

The past three years the Human Library has been part of the Diversity Fair and due to the success of the past years, this year the focus of the Fair will be the Human Library. The event is funded by the college and the Inclusion Committee.The local organizers expect to present up to 15 different living books to the readers.

As always the services of the Human Library are free. 

Event details:

Date: March 29th, 2012.

Open: 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Duration of loans: tba

Location: Oakland Community College, Highland Lakes Campus

Address: 7350 Cooley Lake Road, Waterford, Michigan, USA

Organizers: Oakland Community College

Contact person: librarian Allison McFadden-Keesling