The renowned WOMAD Festival in New Zealand will present their first 3-day Human Library event as part of the official festival program in 2013. After the succesful experience from the WOMAD Festival in the United Kingdom this year, the organizers of WOMAD Festival in New Zealand are plotting to introduce the concept to the visitors of the festival next March 15-17th in New Plymouth.

The event will be open from noon til six pm everyday of the festival and is expected to feature 12 different books. The local organizers expect to be able to present titles ranging from the Imam, an ex-gang member, a single parent, a policeman, the disabled, a man with a full face tattoo to the Graffiti artist and more.

Naturally visitors to the festival have to buy a ticket to enter, but once inside the services of the Human Library are free to readers as usual.

Visit the website of the WOMAD New Zealand Festival.WOMAD is a three-day festival featuring music, art, and dance from all around the world. But that’s not all there is to WOMAD. There’s always plenty of other options as well, chill in a marquee and sip cider or coffee while watching some of the performers cook their favourite dishes from their homelands, take in an outdoor film or music workshop, enjoy a warm welcome from the local iwi at Te Pae Pae, or pamper yourself at the Village of Wellness. Read more about WOMAD New Zealands program and how to get there by visiting their website, just click on the WOMAD logo to go there.

The Human Library Organization is proud to partner with WOMAD New Zealand and hope that the Human Library will become a reoccurring event at the festival which has been an annual event since 2003.

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