VICE report from the Human Library

The international news site VICE visited the Human Library in Hyderabad, India. Through the VICE reporter, the viewer is invited to a taste of what it feels like being a reader at the Human Library. You also get a look behind the scenes, as the video presents some of our amazing books, from our book depot and you meet the driven volunteers behind the Human Library Hyderabad. More uniquely, the reporter is courageous to let himself be published as a book, and goes on to describe his experience – both as a reader and as a book.

“This is a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated, and hopefully answered by the books.”

As stated above, by the founder of the Human Library Hyderabad, Harshad Fad, our goal is always to have the difficult – and real – conversations, between the readers and the books. The Human Library Hyderabad has worked since its establishment a year ago and has already influenced more than 5000 readers! Furthermore, it has made an impact on its surrounding society, inspiring the formation of more Human Libraries and human books – and most recently, delivering content to Microsofts Confluence Conference in April 2018.

Watch the VICE video below, and be inspired by the driven and motivated people that are dedicated to building a safe space where you can challenge the stigma and stereotypes – through something as simple as open and honest conversations.


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Training for book depot managers

Human Library Book Depot Managers from New York City, Edinburgh, London, Kharkiv, Bucharest and Tallinn are in Copenhagen this week for their training.

Borrow a human book when you shop

A new partnership between the Human Library and Rødovre Centrum will allow shoppers in Denmark to grab a Human Book with them on their shopping trip.

New app to challenge our prejudices

The Human Library has received funding to develop an app that will challenge your prejudices and help you better navigate diversity fearlessly.

Book of the Month: Sex Worker

Being a Sex worker should not be a taboo says our Book of the Month, Nitin. Well-spoken and wise on life, he wants to help change people’s mentality.

Report from Book Awards 2018

"This is the first time I win something, where the prize is not a beating" said winner of the Human Library Book Award, Oskar Zytnik, in a moving speech on Saturday in Copenhagen.

Human Library Book Awards

On January 26th, the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards ceremony will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An evening to honor our books and librarians.

Book of the Month: December

For Syrine, sharing her story with her readers is a way for her to accept her condition and to not feel alone. It helps her to see, that every human being has been through hardship and have experienced pain in some way or another.

In Loving Memory of Zak Kostopoulos

A month ago one of our books, Zak Kostopoulos, from the Human Library in Greece, was brutally murdered on the streets of Athens. This portrait to honor his memory and demand justice for Zak.