The Human Library is building very nicely in Poland as more and more local polish organizers decide to join our ranks.  Now it has become time to invite all local organizers of the Human Library to take part in a two day forum event in the city of Wroklaw from March 4-6th, 2016.

In partnership with the Human Library Network in Poland, the Association Lambda Warszawa and the Human Library chapter in Wroclaw, we are happy to announce the call for all local organisers of the Human Library in Poland to take part in the first national forum for local Human Library Organizers.

The forum is organized in the framework of the project “Development of the Human Libraries in Poland – a local approach to anti-discrimination” and the event was made possible with funding from Citizens for Democracy and EEA funds.

It is free to participate in the event.

Follow this link for sign-up.

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In Loving Memory of Zak Kostopoulos

A month ago one of our books, Zak Kostopoulos, from the Human Library in Greece, was brutally murdered on the streets of Athens. This portrait to honor his memory and demand justice for Zak.

Book of the Month: September

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