New app to challenge our prejudices

Prejudice is not something we should be ashamed of, rather it is something we must be aware to challenge. A new app under development from the Human Library will help do that.

“We often meet people who do not believe they have prejudices. But all people navigate diversity through the use of certain prejudices. They are simply part of our instincts and the app help will make you see that clearly” says Ronni Abergel, founder of the Human Library, about the project.

Online Prejudice Quiz

A financial commitment of 400,000 DKK from the Danish Welfare and Research Fund for Educators enables the development of an online prejudice Quiz.

“When you participate in our prejudice Quiz, it is our ambition that you shall quickly realize, that the decisions you make and the answers you give are very much influenced by your prejudices. And in this way, you will be challenged on your understanding of yourself and your knowledge of other groups in society, ”says project manager Anne-Mette Østerbye.

In use at schools and festivals

The Human Library hosts more than 50 events annually just in Denmark. Many of these are visits to educational institutions. The new prejudice quiz will, among other things, be integrated into the preparation lessons for all of the Human Library’s visits. Where thousands of young people gain access to our bookshelf. The digital tool can also be used at festivals, so that we can, in an elegant and effective way, try to make it clear, why it is a good idea to become “a reader” of the Human Library.

Ready for the Human Library 20th anniversary

The work on developing the project is now underway and we expect the official launch to take place in connection with the 20th anniversary of the Human Library in 2020.

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New app to challenge our prejudices

The Human Library has received funding to develop an app that will challenge your prejudices and help you better navigate diversity fearlessly.

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Report from Book Awards 2018

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Human Library Book Awards

On January 26th, the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards ceremony will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An evening to honor our books and librarians.

Book of the Month: December

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