The Human Library Organization is proud to announce the launch of our server based “Human Library Services Software”. A new tool to help Human Library organizers handle the rendering of loans to readers and collect statistics from the events taking place worldwide.

Built by a Human Library Champion from Poland

A special thank you to the man behind the software, a true champion of the Human Library in Poland. Mr. Piotr Baranowski. A young and motivated tech capacity in the Human Library Wroclaw, who set a goal to help his fellow librarians find a better way to manage the many loans taking place for ten years now in Wroclaw. A lot of hard work later, we are able to benefit from the fruits of his volunteer labor.

Easy to handle loans

With this software Human Library organizers around the world will more easily be able to keep an overview of what titles are on the bookshelf and who are out on loan. The application also helps librarians keep a track with the running time for readings, so readers are not hit with too many late fees.  After each event you can get insights into the statistics of the event and identify which topics were most in demand on the day.

Free to our partners

The Human Library Services Software is a free service to our many partners and local chapters. Some time and many events from now, we hope to be able to draw statistics from the software allowing us to identify the most sought after topics around the world.

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