We are launching a unique organizational development tool for corporations. The program is based on the proven Human Library® methodology and aims to promote tolerance, cooperation, better use of human resources, and well-being in the workplace. We call it “Borrow a Co-worker”.

We are seeking a few, select companies to pilot the concept with us. Are you one of them? Read more here:

Good colleagues are key to success

The timing for “Borrow a Co-worker” is right: According to a new survey published by Danish union HK, more than half of employees rate ’Good colleagues’ as a primary reason for well-being in the workplace. (HK study conducted by Epinion, published in Danish media August 28, 2016)


Clearly, having good colleagues is critical to our job satisfaction. And having a broad network of colleagues is critical to doing our job well. Yet, we tend to connect with the same co-workers every day and to disregard others despite their competences. This may impact our collaboration and well-being in the workplace and ultimately the effectiveness and agility of our organization.


Borrow a Co-worker!

“Borrow a Co-worker” tackles this issue. ”Borrow a Co-worker” works like a ’normal’ Human Library, only it offers a human library of employees and these employees are ‘books’ and ‘readers’ respectively. The program works for local as well as global corporations and helps to integrate employees better, build sustainable relationships across the organization, understand social/cultural differences, and increase appreciation of professional subject areas and departments – just to name a few.

“Borrow a Co-worker” is flexible and scalable and we offer it in a variety of formats – from ½ hour lunch sessions over 3-hour events on the annual employee outing, or 1-day seminars, to longer programs, depending on the needs and capability of the organization. There is a format for everyone! And we are confident that everyone can benefit.


Companies wanted for pilot

Right now, we are seeking companies to pilot the concept. These few, select companies will partner with us to trial the methodology and gather learnings for further development.
If you would like to be one of them, please contact Head of Corporate Services Helene Venge at +45 2929 8755 and here.

Read more about “Borrow a Co-worker” here or just get in touch!

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Human Library launches corporate offering

We are launching a unique organizational development tool for corporations and we are seeking a few, select companies to pilot the concept with us. Are you one of them?

The Human Library spreading in Thailand

We are happy to announce a national contact point in Thailand for new organizers to get information and share experiences on the adaptation of the concept.