The Human Library for children

Imagine an eight year old asking a homeless person where they sleep at night? Or a person with disability about how fast their electric chair goes? This could be the scene at Copenhagens Culture House at Islands Brygge on June 23rd.

A bookshelf full of content aimed at helping children understand diversity and find answers to questions that parents often cannot give the answers to.

Bullying, homelessness and more

As always the Human Library is free for all and we expect to publish topics on bullying, self harm, disability, mental health, gender, occupation, ethnicity, religion and more. Readers from the age of 6 are welcome with a parent or guardian.

Pilot with city of Copenhagen

The Human Library for children is a pilot project developed in partnership with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge. Through a series of events with especially tailored content, we want to have a closer look at how children take advantage of the Human Library as a learning platform.

The June 23rd event is the first in a series that will run through the fall.

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A record for the Human Library

420 readers will share 80 books on June 22nd at Hotel Nyborg Strand in Denmark. A record amount of readers to be sharing books from the Human Library.

New Human Library Book Depot open in Edinburgh

Tomorrow marks a historic day for the Human Library in the UK and especially for our readers in Scotland. It is the day where our new book Human Library depot in Edinburgh start its operations

Human Library for children

A new pilot project in Copenhagen will present a series of Human Library events especially for children and their parents.

Training for book depot managers

Human Library Book Depot Managers from New York City, Edinburgh, London, Kharkiv, Bucharest and Tallinn are in Copenhagen this week for their training.

Borrow a human book when you shop

A new partnership between the Human Library and Rødovre Centrum will allow shoppers in Denmark to grab a Human Book with them on their shopping trip.

New app to challenge our prejudices

The Human Library has received funding to develop an app that will challenge your prejudices and help you better navigate diversity fearlessly.

Book of the Month: Sex Worker

Being a Sex worker should not be a taboo says our Book of the Month, Nitin. Well-spoken and wise on life, he wants to help change people’s mentality.

Report from Book Awards 2018

"This is the first time I win something, where the prize is not a beating" said winner of the Human Library Book Award, Oskar Zytnik, in a moving speech on Saturday in Copenhagen.

Human Library Book Awards

On January 26th, the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards ceremony will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An evening to honor our books and librarians.