Human Library Book Awards

As we get ready to host the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards and to celebrate our heroes. Let us take a look at what the book awards actually mean for us and why we have decided to host them annually.

From collection to book depot

Five years ago, our founder created the first Human Library Book Depot. Driven by a need for more events, more reading opportunities. In fact it was a small book collection that was converted into a depot and then more and more books have been added to the collection. Today more than 150 people are part of the Human Library Book Depot Copenhagen. This includes the depot managers, the librarians, the books and other volunteers. Each year members of the book depot are published up to 30 times.

From annual party to award show

One year into the new book depot, many more people had joined the collection and the volume of events had increased significantly. Denmark was sleeping for a while, but all of a sudden events were available every month and now it is almost every other week, you can find an event here. The many activities build a family out of the book depot, a special bond across culture, religion, ethnicity, gender and social background. Or despite some might say. It was decided to host an annual social gathering in order to better appreciate and recognize the contributions the volunteers were making to the library and society.

Best new edition to hot topic

This year we have 14 categories to hand out statues of our “Bookey”. Including the best new edition, classic of the year, most published, best audiobook (podcast), best picturebook (TV), school read of the year, hot topic, Corporate Bestseller and Bestseller of the Year. The winners all receive a small wooden “Bookey” Award and a framed certificate. Also a copy of all winners certificates are mounted on the Human Library Wall of Fame in the secretariat in Copenhagen.

Honor the courage and contribution

The purpose of the event is to honor our volunteer books and librarians. For their courage and valuable contribution to society. The event is free to members, there will be great food, music and people in attendance. A more diverse group of people than you have ever been to a party with, we can promise you that. And when together, they walk the walk they talk. They embrace the diversity and seize the opportunity for learning and for friendship. For that and everything else they give, we are grateful.

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A record for the Human Library

420 readers will share 80 books on June 22nd at Hotel Nyborg Strand in Denmark. A record amount of readers to be sharing books from the Human Library.

New Human Library Book Depot open in Edinburgh

Tomorrow marks a historic day for the Human Library in the UK and especially for our readers in Scotland. It is the day where our new book Human Library depot in Edinburgh start its operations

Human Library for children

A new pilot project in Copenhagen will present a series of Human Library events especially for children and their parents.

Training for book depot managers

Human Library Book Depot Managers from New York City, Edinburgh, London, Kharkiv, Bucharest and Tallinn are in Copenhagen this week for their training.

Borrow a human book when you shop

A new partnership between the Human Library and Rødovre Centrum will allow shoppers in Denmark to grab a Human Book with them on their shopping trip.

New app to challenge our prejudices

The Human Library has received funding to develop an app that will challenge your prejudices and help you better navigate diversity fearlessly.

Book of the Month: Sex Worker

Being a Sex worker should not be a taboo says our Book of the Month, Nitin. Well-spoken and wise on life, he wants to help change people’s mentality.

Report from Book Awards 2018

"This is the first time I win something, where the prize is not a beating" said winner of the Human Library Book Award, Oskar Zytnik, in a moving speech on Saturday in Copenhagen.

Human Library Book Awards

On January 26th, the 4th annual Human Library Book Awards ceremony will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An evening to honor our books and librarians.