On the 3rd of December the first training of Human Library volunteers will take place in the capital of Tunisia. Up to 15 new librarians, editors and depot managers will carry out a two day program facilitated by on of our most experienced trainers in partnership with the project coordinator from L´Art Rue.

Human Library Tunisia

The training is part of a one year project to build and establish a Human Library Book Depot in Tunisia, that will enable us to deliver events in the community and bring attention to important issues. Our book collection will have a broad scope as is necessary to offer readers an real choice. With the Human Library with stimulate dialogue about issues that are challenging and difficult to talk about.

Egyptians to join training

The project in Tunisia is a partnership between L´Art Rue and the Human Library Organization. It was made possible with support from KVINFO´s Menapool funds for small projects and will target especially women as readers and books. Volunteers from the Human Library Egypt will also take part in the training which will take place at Dar Bach Hamba.

Packed program

Among the many elements in the packed program participants are going to learn how to recruit, validate and prepare books for publication. How to run and operate a Human Library Book Depot and more importantly how to facilitate events and loans. The program is strenuous and packed with methodology. The results are to be seen in 2017, when the Human Library is officially introduced in Tunisia.

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