Russian authorities in St. Petersburg have asked the Human Library not to publish the "Homosexual" and other topics from the bookshelf.
October 28, 2016/by admin
More than 30 new partners in the US have joined the Human Library in the past month.
March 27, 2016/by admin
The first nine topics are already sitting on the Human Library Perths bookshelf waiting to be published. The new book depot down under will help ensure more events with less preparation time.
February 14, 2016/by admin
After at very successfull series of school visits carried out in partnership with the city of Copenhagen in 2015. The Human Library has been invited to continue efforts to counter stigma and stereotypes.
February 13, 2016/by admin
The Human Library is building very nicely in Poland as more and more local polish organizers join our ranks. The time has now come to gather as many as possible for a two day National Forum event in Wroklaw in March.
February 13, 2016/by admin
We celebrate fifteen years of Human Libraries with a "Meet our Global Bestsellers" campaign featuring 7 posters in 18 languages.
February 13, 2016/by admin
Roskilde Festival and the Human Library have agreed to partner on a special 15 years Anniversary Human Library edition for Roskilde Festival.
June 1, 2015/by admin
We are proud to partner with Studentckaia Rada and their volunteers committed to bring attention to prejudices, stigma and human rights in Belarus.
September 19, 2014/by admin
The University of La Salle in Manila - Philippines, invites readers to challenge their stereotypes and prejudices.
August 13, 2014/by admin
The aim of the partnership is to implement the Human Library in the civil society of South Korea.
November 10, 2013/by admin
The Human Library Organization is proud to partner with WOMAD New Zealand.
October 21, 2012/by admin
We are proud to announce that the former Russian republic of Kazakhstan will host its first Human Library on September 29th, 2012.
September 14, 2012/by admin
We are happy to announce a national contact point in Thailand for new organizers to get information and share experiences on the adaptation of the concept.
September 28, 2010/by admin