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New partnership in South Korea to bring about more Human Libraries

First there was a study visit to Copenhagen and now there is a fruitful partnership underway between the Human Library Organisation and the Hope Institute of South Korea. Both ngo´s committed to lifelong learning and building better communities through knowledge and understanding.

The aim of the Hope Institute is to "Vitalize our society by providing educational programs for seniors (retirees) and public leaders.
Considering small, but sparkling ideas from citizens as a driving force of social change".

The aim of the partnership is to work to implement the Human Library in civil society of South Korea. The project will focus not only on reaching readers but more over on educating new potential local organisers, to ensure more high quality events with a broad scope.

"I have great HOPE, that we will soon see the Human Library flourish in South Korea", says Ronni Abergel from the HLO of the partnership. 

Our friends at the Hope Institute and its partners are working hard to prepare two major events for February 2014. More information will follow as the project develops.

Learn more about the work of our new partner, The Hope Institute of Korea, by visiting their website.