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New report on the Human Library from Australia: The power of one on one

The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia has just published an extensive report on Human Libraries and the challenges of antiracism work titled "The Power of One on One". The paper was written by Tania Dreher and Jemima Mowbray and represents the latest scientific study of the effects, strenghts and weaknesses of the Human Library methodology. 

Frontpage of the report "The Power of One on One"The publication represents the first comprehensive and independent analysis of Human Libraries in Australia and provides an overview of Human Library practices and identifies key challenges for policymaker and practitioners. It also aims to contribute to scholarly debates on anti-racism work and on the benefits of cross-cultural contact or dialogue within that work.

"I am happy to that we are now able to document how the Human Library contributes to the important task of building social cohesion and a greater understanding for diversity. I am convinced that the study will help convince decision makers around the world to invest in programs that can aid local Human Library organizers in their efforts to reach as many readers as possible", says Human Library creator, Ronni Abergel.

The publication is available in English as a free download if you use this LINK.

Thank you to the authors Tania Dreher and Jemima Mowbray for their extensive effort to bring about documentation that can now be used to strengthen the further implementation of Human Libraries in civil society, not only in Australia, but on a global level.