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Human Library Day in Canada

On January 26th, 2013 the doors of 24 Human Library events in 15 cities across Canada will invite readers to take part in the very first "Human Library Day" in Canada. Ever since the very first Human Library (Menneskebiblioteket in Danish) at Roskilde Festival, it has been a dream of the inventors to one day see a national Human Library Day take place. This is now about to happen in Canada with the great aid of CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) and 24 local Human Library Organizers.

Link to the website of the National Human Library Day in Canada

National Human Library Day is a one-day event (with Winnipeg hosting a three-day event) hosted by local libraries and media and cultural centres across the country, in an effort to help dispel myths and stereotypes by creating an opportunity for one-on-one conversations between people who may never have met otherwise. People from various walks of life, including CBC personalities, will volunteer their time as "books." Members of the public will have a chance to "check out" a "book" and ask questions to learn about the person and their extraordinary life. 

"National Human Library Day is about breaking down barriers. It is about having conversations that broaden our understanding of people and our communities, and our country," said Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor-in-chief, CBC News and Centres. "As the public broadcaster, CBC is the perfect home for those conversations, regardless of where you live in the country."  

The idea came about after one of the most ambitious Human Library projects ever seen in Canada. In January 2012 CBC Radio Ottawa and the Ottawa Public Library held six simultaneous Human Library events at six different branches of the library and there was a special event at the Canadian War Museum.The extensive project inspired other regional radio stations of the CBC to become actively involved in the promotion and implementation of the Human Library in civil society in Canada.

The succes of the Ottawa events lead to a decision from CBC Radio to actively engage in setting up a series of events nationwide in partnership with the regional CBC Radio stations and local public library partners. 

Complementing the events online, launches on Jan. 4 and will feature registration information, allow Canadians to check out the Human Library's interactive map, and sample feature "books" from across the country. Canadians are also encouraged to engage in conversations on Twitter by using the hashtag #CBCHumanLibrary. As well, a live digital event on National Human Library Day will extend the conversation. CBC is the first broadcaster to be involved as a national media partner. 

"Real People - Real Conversations" 

For more details on events and the human books available visit the Human Library Day Canada website HERE -