Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Moldova next to introduce the Human Library

As time passes more and more countries take the Human Library to heart. Next up is the republic of Moldova. The launch is spearheaded by the Moldovan Red Cross Society who in partnership with the B.P. Hasdeu Municipal Library in Chisinau and the Human Library Organization have staged an event on the International Day for Tolerance. 

Moldova is considered a multi- ethnical state embodying Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian minorities as major ethnical groups; however the main stereotypes are aimed at the Roma and Jewish groups. The local organizers want to challenge these prejudices by inviting representatives of these minorities to take part as Living Books on loan. 

The one day event will mark the first official Human Library event in Moldova and it is expected to be followed by further events starting in December. As always the services of the Human Library are free to its readers.

Read more about the launch event HERE