Human Library - Take out a prejudice

US Congressman lent out as Living Book in Michigan

The first Human Library in the state of Michigan happened this afternoon at Stair Public Library in Morenci. Local organizer librarian Colleen Leddy is taking a well deserved nap after a very succesfull introduction of the Human Library.

Congressman Schauer with his readersCalls for a repeat

It was an awesome event and everybody wants us to do it again says an exhausted Collen Leddy from Morenci. The 26 living book titles available included US Congressman Mark Schauer as the "Politician" book and he was very impressed with the experience. Other titles included the Agnostic, Alcoholic, Black, Blonde, Conservative, Cop, Environmentalist, Ex-Religious Cult Member, Feminist, Grease Monkey, Hillbilly, Jehovah's Witness, Lawyer, Liberal, Muslim, Old Lady, Pagan, Punk Teen, Teen Mom, Vegetarian (a Vegan), Gay Teen, Homeschooler, Jock, Mentally Ill Person and the Witch (Wiccan). A total of 114 readers attended the event.

Stair Public Library in Morenci, MIEvent to spur more Michigan organisers

Among the visitors to the event was Morenci High School English teacher, Heather Walker, she had prepared her students to visit the program and they were so excited they now want to host an event at the High School. Some students felt the experience was so intense that instead of one-on-one readings, they took out their book with friends in little groups. Often a Human Library will have a multiplying effect once its introduced in an area and it looks like this rule applies to Michigan. Another High School student reported that he wanted to bring the Human Library with him to Ferris State University where he'll be going in the fall.

Talking in the Stacks at Stair Public Library in MorenciMuslim book very popular with readers

The Muslim was constantly busy. We had to take him out of circulation just so he could grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. The Gay Teen and the Witch had been so nervous about this, but they were thrilled with their interactions with Readers. Renews your faith in humanity when people are kinder than expected. It was so great to see the awareness take shape and the lightbulb go off that stereotyping is not a good thing. It was a real goose-bumpy event. says Colleen before going for a well deserved nap.

Michigan is only the fifth state to introduce the Human Library in the United States. Next will be Nevada, Arizona and Texas followed by Connecticut, Georgia and Alabama.