Human Library - Take out a prejudice

The Role of the LibrarianLibrarians at work in the Idea Store.

Being a librarian in the Human Library is a little different from what a librarian normally does, and yet still very similar in some ways. The librarian plays an important part, both as a facilitator of loans, and as the one responsible for keeping the books in check. Events are usually staffed with volunteers and real librarians when in a public or private library setting.

The Librarian service

Its the task of the librarian to explain the concept of the Human Library to interested readers, that approach the counter. They have to make sure that new readers are familar with the guidelines and they issue the Library Card. Once the initial procedures are out of the way, starts the really interesting part. Since its the librarians task to help the reader identify his or her own prejudice through dialogue and a few leading questions.

The Library ledger

Librarian making introductions between book and reader.

All loans are registered in the ledger. This is to keep track of loans, make reservations and see the statistics at the end. Also to keep the time schedule for loans, so that readers are not disappointed, when their book did not make it back in time. Usually there are no late charges applied, just a verbal warning. 

Reader follow-up

Once a reader is done with a book and brings it back to the Library, the librarian will then typically ask if the reader would like to try loaning another title. When the reader has completely finished reading, they are asked to fill in a reader evaluation form (available from the resources page of the organisers section).


(Upd. 07/10/08)