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How to become an organizerLL Logo with payoff.

Once you have decided you want to organise a Human Library, you need to contact the Human Library Organization. We will then send you an Event Application Form to be filled out. When your event has been processed you will recieve a letter confirming the terms for your use of the artwork, methodology and concept. This to ensure quality in events, synergy in the brand and to avoid political or commercial abuse of the concept.

Quality events demand good preparation

It's not difficult to become an organiser, it's difficult to organise a good Human Library. The first events are usually good practice, and the free guide to new organisers is a handy tool, to help get started. But what is needed most, in order to become an organiser of the Human Library, is time and determination. Many have staged great events, and thousands more will follow, but one key thing to the Human Library, is that it needs clear aims and objectives. And must not be abused for commercial purposes, or to give profile to a specific political party.

Who are the organizers?

A wide range of different organisations and institutions practice the Human Library methodology now. The majority of organisers are working within the public library sector, and the second largest group is the youth organisations and non-governmental organisations such as the Scouts or the National Youth Council. A few are initiatives setup only to produce Living Libraries, such as this Network, Human Library UK, Kultour DK and the Living Books in Austria. For all that use this methodology goes, that they are concerned with human rights, and willing to work to introduce new ways for people to come together. All Living Libraries are free, and so is the use of the methodology with clear reference stating source and this website.

How to get started

First check our list of organisers to see, if there are some in your country. If you are lucky, you can find someone, that can provide you with some local experience. If not you are still lucky, because then you can be the first to help introduce the Human Library in your country, region or area. Join the global forum, and start a thread asking for advise or other volunteers in your area. We are also able to help with some tasks, when the circumstances allow it.

What are the benefits? 

So many that there is not enough space on the Internet to list them all. But first and foremost, bridgebuilding in the community and promoting human righs and social cohesion. Secondary are the organisational outcomes and recognition for the work, and finally the personal outcomes and gains for books, readers and librarians. The Human Library is a win-win situation, and an opportunity for organisers to bring attention to important issues, that touch millions of peoples lives everyday.

What do I do first?

Read as much as you can about this. Make sure you are committed to doing it, and then get in touch with us to get the simple paperwork in order. Its free to use the Human Library for non-commercial purposes and its always free for readers to use the services of the Human Library.


 (Upd. 13 feb 2009)