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Honors and awards for the Human Library

Since its invention in 2000, the Human Library has gained much positive acclaim from a variety of authorities, instutitions and organisations. We have compiled a non-complete list below to give an impression of the extent so far. The recognitions are typically given to the organizers that have proven the value of the methodology through hard work in their country or region.


The 2010 Doessing Award from the Danish Union of Librarians, Copenhagen, DenmarkLink to the website of the Danish Union of Librarians

Bestowed on the Human Library Organization and founder Ronni Abergel for working 10 years to distribute and promote the Human Library around the world. The award which is only given out every other year, was presented at the general assembly of the Danish Union of Librarians at Hotel Nyborg Strand in November 2010.


The Government Award 2007, Sydney, Australia

The Government Award.

The Government Award at the National Multicultural Marketing Awards was given to Lismore City Councils Human Library project. Lismore was the first Human Library in Australia and have now launched a three year project to create a national network of Human Library organisers down under. 




Social Project of the Year Award 2008, Vienna, AustriaThe Social Marie Award 2008.

Honored by the Social Marie organisation in the category, most innovative social project of the year. The prize was given to local organizers for setting up the Living Books association in Austria and introducing the methodology to the Austrian public. 


The Little Brother Award 2008, Copenhagen, DenmarkLittle Brother Award.

Awarded to the organizer Kul-Tour for the Human Library Bus tour project.  The award is given each year to an organization or individual. A funny co-incidence is that a majority of the seven founders of the original Human Library recieved the award in 1994, for creating the Danish Stop The Violence. The jury from the Childrens Help Day Association seem to know what they are doing. Along with the beautiful little brother statuette, a plaque and a cheque comes with the honors.