Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Guidelines For Readers

Before you are ready to take out your prejudice from the Human Library, you will need to register at the desk and get your free Library card.

Human Library CardHuman Library Card.

You will need to fill in some basic details. All your loans will be registered on your card. The card is your proof of human academics and a personal reminder of the people you met. A book can be shared by a group or family.

Duration of loans

The Living Book must be returned to the Library at the agreed deadline (normally loans are between 30-45 mins). Please respect the deadline and the closing time of the Human Library. You are only allowed to take out one book at a time. Loans can be extended or renewed by the librarians, unless the book is reserved for another reader.  

Librarian Ayo Mikkelsen at the first Human Library.The librarian service

The librarians are there to help you choose a Living Book, that reflects your prejudice. To aid you in identifying stereotyps, the librarians have a list of the available literature, with examples of the most common stereotypes.

What can we do?

The Living Book may be taken around the Library but not outside the building or grounds. The Book will be familiar with the reading areas available, so choose a good spot together to chat. You are not allowed to lend the Book to someone else.

How to go about it

Please remember that all Living Books have kindly volunteered to be lent out as examples of some of the most common prejudices in our society. They must be returned to us in the same condition, as they where in at the time of check-out. You are encouraged to ask questions and share your own point of view, but always with respect for the person who has volunteered. The Living Book can choose to discontinue a loan and return to the Library, if he or she feel so inclined. 


(Upd. 07/10/08)