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CBC Sunday News report on US Human Library launch

Last night viewers of the CBC Sunday News in Canada were introduced to the Human Library through a report about the launch in the United States last year. The CBC followed the events at Santa Monica Public Library and have put together a great presentation of the Human Library concept. The clip includes readers responding to their experience, books reflecting on their readers and organizers on the move. 

Great timing for Canada

The segment has aired at a perfect time for the many upcoming events in Canada. The local organizers from Calgary, Augustana, Guelph and Coquitlam can hope to be even more busy, when they start their March series of events. Below is a list of confirmed Living Libraries and more will follow shortly. Visit the activities section of this website for a better overview of events taking place around the world.

Human Libraries in Canada in March 2009

March 5-6th, University of Guelph, Ontario

March 5th, Coquitlam Public Library, British Columbia

March 21st, Calgary Public Library, Alberta

March 23-27th, University of Alberta, Augustana, Alberta


Link to CBC website clip about the Human Library launch in the US


 Click on the logo to visit the CBC and view the clip