Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Santa Monica to repeat in April

Our apologies to those readers in the United States who are still waiting to know when a Human Library will happen in their area. Unfortunately we are still some weeks away from making public the next series of events. Before Christmas we hope to confirm events in Texas and Maryland. However in the meantime we are happy to announce that the Santa Monica Public Library has decided to stage another Human Library, this time on April 18th. 

Link to the Santa Monica Public LibraryAppetite for more.

The impact of the first event has left local organizers Julie McDonald and Rachel Foyt from Santa Monica PL with an appetite for more. And that is why they have decided to continue the program in Santa Monica. The response from patrons to their first event on October 18th was so positive that the organizers had no doubts and the same goes for the Human Library organizers at Bainbridge Island Library outside Seattle, Washington. They are also plotting to host another Human Library expected to be confirmed on April 19th.

Preparing organizer introduction workshops.

Now for those yet to be convinced about the potential benefits in working with the Human Library and for those who want to learn more about the concept and methodology, the Human Library Organization is planning five Organizer Introduction Workshops for the first part of 2009. More information about dates, locations and the practical program will follow in January. The workshop will be a one day event and have space for 50 participants. The price is expected to be less than a 100 USD including lunch, coffee and workshop materials. California, New York and Ohio will be the first to be invited. If you already know that you want to take part, send us a non-binding email with your contact information and organization details. We will then make sure you have a spot on the list of participants, which you will be asked to confirm, once the WS dates and locations are announced. Thank you all for your patience and many emails.