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United Kingdom now with a national coordinator

Things have come a long way since the formal introduction of the Human Library to the United Kingdom in April 2008. The concept has spread out to large parts of the country and now the United Kingdom has become the first country in Europe to have a national coordinator for the Human Library. Activities are expanding at a rapid rate and so in order to keep momentum, aid the growing list of new organizers and to setup a national Human Library Organization in the UK, Mr. Martin Etheridge has taken up the position of national coordinator.

Mr. Etheridge already a recognized champion of the Human Library is now formally the contact point for interested parties in the UK, i.e. everything from new partners and organizers to press or local authorities. If you want to get involved with the work of the Human Library, or support the further development of this concept in the United Kingdom, contact Mr.Etheridge and he will sort you out.

Only Australia has a national coordinator, soon the United States is also expected get one, but the UK is the first in Europe to try to gather the experiences, pool ressources and build a national network of Human Library Local Organizers. A board has already been setup and had their first meeting and now the next steps include formalizing the UK entity into a national charity/ngo and to support the publication of a UK developed Human Library toolkit for new organizers.

The UK national coordinator Mr. Martin Etheridge can be contacted directly via this EMAIL link