Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Fifth event for the Bournemouth Library in England

Its only been 7 months since the first Human Library event at Bournemouth Library in England, but this thursday they host their fifth event already. On November 20th readers can take advantage of a Human Library that offers more than your regular Library. The titles available on the bookshelf include the Polish Mother and the classical Violinist. Also to let are the Living Sober, the Police Community Support Officer and a friendly Muslim Lady. Now the more somber literature includes the living with a Visual Impairment and the living with AIDS titles. So there is little reason not to make the trip out and challenge some preconceptions.

Popular event.

The Bournemouth Library are doing good work and have created a popular event for their visitors. It is rare that a new organizer stage so many events their first year and congratulations are in order. Readers seeking more information about the Human Library at Bournemouth Library can contact Area Manager, Gerardine Bodey or local organizer and Human Library expert, Linda Constable, tel. +44 (0) 7717 650 670.


Poster for the Bournemouth Human Library.