Corporate opportunities

The Human Library™ is a worldwide movement for inclusion and the understanding of our diversity. Since 2000 we have been compiling book collections, building book depots and creating safe spaces for dialogue on challenging issues.

Currently, we have activities on six continents and the global implementation of the Human Library is spearheaded by the Human Library Organization and our secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From our HQ, we are working with partners, institutions, authorities and volunteers in communities in more than 80 countries and more are joining the movement every year.

From Heineken to IKEA

Thousands of events are hosted annually and over the last three years we have begun to work more closely with corporate partners and developed a model that is efficient, adaptable and with excellent scalability. This allows us to render our services to companies like Daimler, eBay, Heineken UK, Microsoft India, IKEA, and Taylor Wimpey.

Impact and values

We understand the demand in the professional sector for learning methods that enable individuals and organisations to competently engage with and utilise the diversity in the workplace.

We know that working with diversity and inclusion is a high priority for many corporations, associations and authorities and we know we can help.

However we want to work with companies that are dedicated to building inclusive communities and those interested in enabling us to build Human Library Book Depots around the world will get preference in reference to utilizing our services in the workplace.


We offer two different options for corporate partnerships. The Human Library Diversity Partners which focuses on D&I and HR clients with an internal or external scope. And we have our Friends of the Human Library program directed at companies looking for CSR projects with a big reach and high impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity partners of the Human Library are typically companies, organizations or local authorities working actively with us on Diversity & Inclusion.

Often our partners are companies who are looking for new approaches to understanding diversity in their market or in their workplace.

Internal and external scope

To accommodate requests we have a developed an internally focused model and a model that carries an external scope and content. This means we can either bring our book collection to the workplace or conference and publish. Or we can train staff and prep them for internal publication. If you have a diverse group of employees, then this can help them find common ground.

When you become a diversity partner of the Human Library you are able to work with and implement the Human Library concept and methodology into your D & I work. This includes building onboard book collections based on staff and hosting diversity events with either own content or content rendered by a local Human Library Book Depot.

Friends of the Human Library (CSR partners)

The friends of the Human Library program is at the heart of our CSR offering. It is the opportunity for companies to become involved with the Human Library on a local, regional, national and even global level. Our friends share our values and hopes for a more inclusive world, where we live in understanding with each other. Our friends help us host more events, they help us build more book depots around the world, introduce the Human Library to new countries and enable us in reaching more readers. 

What do our friends do?

A local CSR partner will typically help us establish a local book depot that can host events in schools, colleges and festivals. Or support an existing depot in order to multiply the amount of events possible.

A regional friend would like to see more people engaged in more book depots across a region and more events in the public space.

A national friend would like to see a mushroom of book depots with thousands of books and librarians creating a cloud of events.

A global friend has no hesitation and full confidence in the power of the Human Library.

Feel free to contact us for more details or to request our latest Book Review.