Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Event at Rosenborg Castle brewing

Preparations are underway for next weeks, 3-day Human Library event, set in the King´s Garden, outside the royal castle of Rosenborg in Copenhagen. The historic park will bear witness to the largest ever, stand alone event. The bookshelves will be full of interesting people and below we have listed a few of the titles expected to be present at the park.

The park event is organised by the in partnership with the Ministry of Finance´s Palaces and Properties Agency and with support from the City of Copenhagen.

Free Coffee for books and readers has been made possible with the support of Nescafé. Have a chat and a cup with one of the many titles on loan all three days from noon to six.

Poster from the Copenhagen Event

List of literature - Kings Garden 2009.

The preliminary list of books that is expected to be available in Copenhagen:

Actor, Alcoholic, Blind, Bouncer, Convert, Deaf, Disabled, Ex-drugsmuggler, Feminist, Gay, Grafitti painter, Hip Hopper, Iranian, Muslim, Muslim woman with scarf, Pakistani, Police Officer, Parking Controller, Realtor, Refugee, Reporter, Train accident survivor, Schoolteacher, Stripper, Victim of violence and many more!

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