Human Library - Take out a prejudice

CBC Radio Canada and the Human Library in nationwide partnership

It all started with one of the most ambitious Human Library projects ever seen in Canada. The Ottawa Public Library held six Human Library events at different locations (branches) and the Canadian War Museum in January 2012. The event was staged in a local partnership between the Ottawa PL, the Canadian War Museum and CBC Radio Ottawa. The extensive project has inspired regional radio stations of the CBC to become actively involved in the promotion and implementation of the Human Library in civil society in Canada.

The partnership aims to ensure that even more Human Libraries will be open to readers around the country and with the CBC as a media partner, events are sure to attract a lot of people. Further the CBC will disseminate the outcomes of each Human Library and report from the events. So listeners who did not have a chance to become readers on the day, can also get an insight to what the Human Library has to offer the community.

Director of the Human Library Organization and one of the inventors of the concept, Mr. Ronni Abergel is thrilled with having the CBC onboard.

"Canada is already one of the most active countries when it comes to presenting Human Libraries, but with this recent development, we have reason to believe that the next period will see even more Human Libraries happening in Canada, so this is truly great news", says Ronni Abergel.

The nationwide distribution of the concept and methodology will be helpful to efforts to establish the Human Library Canada as a national NGO. More on this development in 2013. 

Visit the CBC Radio Canadas website here.