We have a great idea

Most of us work in companies or organizations where we are dependent on maintaining a broad network of colleagues to do our job. And yet we often don’t use each others’ resources and skills – we tend to go to the same few people and we don’t really know a lot of folks in the other departments beyond the casual chat about the canteen offerings that day.

So, unconsciously, we sometimes disregard colleagues despite their competences. This may impact cooperation and well-being in the workplace, and ultimately reduce the agility and effectiveness of the organization.

We are launching a tool to tackle this issue and we’d like to pilot it with you.

Borrow a Co-worker!

We call the tool “Borrow a Co-worker”. It’s an organizational development program for companies, based on the proven Human Library® methodology which is used in civil society around the world.

However, with “Borrow a Co-worker” we don’t offer a human library of prejudices but of employees – and these employees are ‘books’ and ‘readers’ respectively. The purpose is to soften professional, social, and cultural boundaries, thus promoting cooperation, well-being, and better use of human resources in the organization.

We can carry out “Borrow a Co-worker” as lunch sessions, 2-day workshops, or longer programs with many participants. We offer “Borrow a Co-worker” in various formats and varying focus depending on your requirements.

Do you want to pilot the concept with us?

We’d like to pilot “Borrow a Co-worker” with a few, select companies. We’d like to collaborate with you. Because we want you to be the first to gain advantage of this new tool.

We facilitate and coordinate the process. The pilot will be free of charge for you; we just ask that you cover our expenses for materials, travel, etc. And that you agree to let us use the case study in our further work incl. PR.

What does it take to participate?

Your organization is big enough for the employees to not necessarily know each other. You are interested in organizational development, and in learning. You are curious about of new ways to engage your employees.

You are able to invest time, including that of the participating employees, for planning, execution, and evaluation with us. We expect 4-6 hours per employee, pending format. And you are expected to appoint a staff member who will be internally responsible and our point of contact.

What’s in it for you?

You get a organizational development event for free. You are part of establishing a new and innovative method for organizational development with global potential, and our joint learnings will be used as valuable input.

You get a case study/report with results and evaluation which we will present face-to-face and which you may use internally and externally. And all participants will enjoy a unique experience which – we expect – will strengthen their relationships in the organization in the short and long run.

Borrow a Co-worker benefits locally and globally in:

  • Organizations with high employee turn-over

  • Organizations with a multi-cultural workforce and where cultural differences exist

  • Organizations where professional biases or preconceptions exist

  • Groups, departments, or organizations in flux, eg being established, merged, restructured, or expanded

  • Organizations who wish to promote diversity and tolerance in general.

In short, the employees improve their skills in terms of being used the right way and using the organization themselves.

Borrow a Co-worker can:

  • Improve the integration of employees

  • Increase awareness of each other’s professions

  • Promote and sustain employee relationships

  • Strengthen the network, contact, and social community in the organization

  • Give each employee a greater feeling of social and professional recognition - that his or her resources are indeed used better.

Give us a call!

If you are interested we’ll have a 2-hour meeting. We’ll introduce the original Human Library concept and talk through “Borrow a Co-worker” as we see it.

We agree when and how to carry out “Borrow a Co-worker” in your organization: Which organizational challenges you have, what you would like to achieve, and which topics you would like to bring focus to. And how many employees will be taking part across how many events.

Best regards, Helene Venge & Ronni Abergel

Human Library Corporate Services

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