Why we published

More than one billion people on this planet are Muslims. Yet still it is a group exposed to great stigma, depending on where in the world you are.

Being a member of a religious minority is often a challenge and not always an easy or pleasant one. We published our first Muslim title at Roskilde Festival 2000.

Stereotypes & Prejudices

The stereotypes and prejudices about this religious groups varies depending on your location, but some of the most common include references to terrorist acts, extremism, suppression of women and many more.

In the Human Library you will find many different titles related to religious beliefs. You may also find different versions of the same title.


Understanding religion and why and what people believe is a great challenge. For people of no or little religious belief, religion can seem overwhelming, demanding and as something that set limitations on life. We strongly recommend this title for any reader who wants to learn about the diversity of Muslims.

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