“Some people think it is dangerous to be near or to touch me. Some people avoid me just to avoid being confronted with the disease. It think nothing bad about them, but it is part of the reason why I kept it a secret for many years. When people are afraid to get close to me, it hurts more than the disease ever did.”


Understanding how the virus affects peoples lives is key to dismantling the prejudices about the infected. Our books share their experiences to help readers better understand that its is not dangerous to work, touch or kiss someone who is HIV+.


Due to widespread stigma and prejudices many people who are living with HIV keep it a secret from coworkers, friends  and  even close family members. These misunderstandings create difficult conditions for those with HIV. Other prejudices are related to the events that led to infection, treatment possibilities and ethical issues, such as participating in a contact sport with people who are HIV positive.


The HIV+ title was first published in the year 2000 at the original Human Library event and it was a hot topic from day one. Fifteen years later the HIV+ title is still among our bestsellers as this is one of the worlds most serious health challenges, with more than 35 million people living with HIV.

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