“I am not angry about my situation. I dont even get angry with cab drivers that refuse to pick me up because of my guide dog. But I think it important to give people a chance to understand what life looks like through my eyes”.

Why We Published

One thing is going blind, but losing your hearing at the same time can make life extra challenging. We first published the “Deafblind” title in 2014 in Copenhagen, when a deafblind married couple joined the local book depot courtesy of the local association for the deafblind.

Stereotypes & Prejudices

Some of the most common stereotypes about the Deafblind are based on their ability to move around in public, their relation to the labour market and social opportunities.


It is estimated that up to half of all the people in the deaf-blind community suffer from Usher Syndrome. A genetic condition where a person is born deaf or hard of hearing, or with normal hearing, and loses his or her vision later on in life from retinitis pigmentosa.

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