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The University of Alberta continues its Human Library program in 2013, starting with a  two-day event at the Augustana Campus Library on February 4th, Students, faculty, and staff at Augustana Campus will once again have access to augustana's Human Library that is being branded: growing with people, growing in community, growing our world.
This is the ninth Human Library event at the Augustana Campus, a feat much owed to the great commitment of Nancy Goebel and her colleagues at the Campus Library. The Human Library Organization is proud to partner with the University of Alberta.
But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a female police officer? Curious about what it's like to be a Muslim in Canada? Or maybe you are interested in learning about marriage from the perspective of a gay man?

The local organizers see the Human Library as a way for students, staff and members of the community off campus to have an opportunity to learn and understand about many issues of diversity and the challenges that people face. To give potential readers a chance to participate in conversations with people they may not otherwise talk to, real conversations about difficult and challenging issues.

augustana's Human Library is an initiative of Augustana's Human Rights Advisors and the Augustana Campus Library, with the support of Augustana's Student Services and Learning and Beyond.

The event is open to the students, faculty and members of the community. As always the services of the Human Library are free.

Event details:

Date/s: February 4-5th, 2013.

Open: 6 - 10 pm

Duration of loans: up to 1 hour

Location: Augustana Campus Library

Address: 4901-46 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Organizers: Augustana's Human Rights Advisors and the Augustana Campus Library

Contact person: Head Librarian & Human Rights Advisor, Nancy Goebel

Weblink: READ more about the event on the local organizers webpage