Human Library - Take out a prejudice

Link to the CBCs National Human Library Day websiteHuman Library at Atwater Library and Computer Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As part of the first ever Human Library Day Canada, Atwater Library and Computer Centre will host an event on January 26th, inviting readers to drop in for a conversation with one of the Human Books available.

The Human Library Day in Canada features 24 events in 15 cities across the country supported by an online event hosted by CBC Radio Canada. The project has been developed in a partnership between CBC Radio, the Human Library Organisation and 24 local partners. That makes it the single largest Human Library project in history.

Event details:

Date: January 26th, 2013.

Open: 11 am - 4 pm

Duration of loans: 15-20 minutes

Location: Atwater Library and Computer Centre

Organizers: CBC & Atwater Library

Contact person: 

Address: 1200 Atwater Avenue, Westmount, Quebec H3Z, Canada