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The Human Library Organization

Founded in Copenhagen,Denmark by the creators of the Human Library with financial birth aid from the Nordic Council of Ministers youth committee, a global supporter of the Human Library. The Human Library organization aims to unite active organizers from all parts of the world and to promote the use of the Human Library in efforts to create more social cohesion and respect for diversity and human rights.

Through the global organizers forum and activities in countries around the world, the network will work to recruit an train new organisers, share experiences and further develop the methodology. The network is an international non-profit organization and has ties to local organisations. Part of the mission is to try and encourage volunteer regional Human Library co-ordinators, to feed in the information, experiences and developments in their region. The organization will also serve as a marker for the principles of this methodology and an entry point for new organisers.

The Human Library organization puts focus to staging introduction activities in new territories. One by one, this is where we start organising a world of Living Libraries.

The board members of the Human Library Organization are:

Jens Erik Ohrt, Sune Bang, Leif Skov, and Louise Kjær

The Founders of the Human Library Organization.

Ronni Abergel, Zóe Kofod, Sune Bang, Christoffer Erichsen, Dany Abergel, Tobias Rosenberg, Anne Kilroy, Robert Valenta, Carsten Hyld, Lars Lind Pedersen, and Leif Skov.