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More than 100.000 hits on Human Library website

The idea is simple and quite straight forward but also attractive according to the interest from Internet users. The Human Library Organization is proud to announce that the website has passed 100.000 hits a while back. We are currently at over 112.000 hits and the traffic is up 20% from the month before.

Visitors from all over the world

Traffic to the website comes from many different countries. Since the launch of the Nordic Minister Council supported site in the spring of 2008, we have had visits from 172 different countries around the world. The top 5 countries are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and Denmark, with the US taking a narrow lead on Canada. Measured in the amount of local Human Organizers and actual events staged, Canada has surpassed the United States and now can measure with Australia and the United Kingdom, as the countries in the world with the most Human Library events.

Australia with own website

More surprising is the amount of visitors from Japan, as this country does not have a overwhelming amount of events yet. Australia are 7th in the top-10 of visitors, but part of the explanation for the low ranking stems from the fact that the National Network of Human Libraries operate their own website with local news of events in the land down under. More and more countries establish a national website for the Human Library, also to be able to accomodate readers who are not fluent in English.

According to Google Analytics each visitor stays on the website for more than 4 minutes on average, this amount of time is seemingly higher than average for most sites, so all in all we are very happy with the numbers and thank our readers for spending their time with us.

We are currently looking into setting up a 2nd generation website in 2011 and will post more information as the situation develops.